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Research publication on Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) launched

Under the PTA and the imposition of Emergency regulations, extensive powers were given to security forces which directly contributed to the routine use of torture by the authorities by giving them the freedom to arrest suspects almost at will, allowing for prolonged custody of political prisoners without trial or release and providing for the admissibility of confessions to police officers as evidence in court.

Bearing this in mind, Centre for Human Rights and Development (CHRD) decided to bring out a publication titled Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA): A critical analysis. The publication is a part of CHRD’s campaign for the repeal of the PTA and release of political prisoners.

Authors of diverse hues such as academics, practicing lawyers, journalists, human rights activists and victims of PTA are some of the contributors to this publication which are given below along with the contents of the book.

Following a very long delay, the CHRD launched the much expected publication Sri Lanka: Prevention of Terrorism (PTA) – A Critical Analysis at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI) on January 12, 2010 at 5.30 pm. Mr Javid Jusuf, Chairman CHRD delivered the inaugural address and thereafter Dr. Deepika Udagama and Dr. Asanga Welikala gave their analytical comments on the publication. The event came to an end with Mr. Javid Yusuf presenting the first copy of the publication to the chief guest, Mr. Desmond Fernando PC. All contributing authors of the publication were handed a copy of the publication. The large gathering of over 80 invitees comprised leading civil society activists, human rights lawyers, academics and representatives of diplomatic missions. The publication is dedicated to the CHRD Founder Chairman late Mr. D.W. Abayakoon PC and Founder Member late Mr. Underwood Manivasagam, Advocate. The book was printed and designed by Ravaya Publications Ltd. It is apt to mention that the Value of this book is further enhanced by the Appendix which contains important case studies and resource materials. There was a long delay in launching the publication; however it was the perfect time to bring out this book as the government claimed its victory over terrorism. As Dr. Deepika Udagama rightly pointed out in her address at the launch that if the book had been launched two years ago it would not have been possible to take this campaign forward, launching at this time has served its purpose.

The delay was inevitable due to various external factors, however, it gave the opportunity for CHRD to include more materials in the appendix such as the Singarasa case and views by eminent personalities.

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