Office of Reparations to be established soon


As the victim communities moans the Mullaivaikal genocide for the 9th year which fell on May 18, 2018, still the government seem to lack the political will nor the commitment to fulfill its promises given to the international community especially in terms of addressing issues related to criminal accountability and justice for the victims.

Meanwhile, the cabinet approved draft legislation of the Office of Reparations is being finalized. Through this legislation affected military personnel, police and the communities living in the Island including North and East can request compensation for the losses they’ve suffered.

The draft legislation was approved by the Cabinet on May 6, 2018. The Department of Legal Draftsman has been advised to draft the law based on this document. The draft legislation states the Office of Reparations will be established in Colombo and the Constitutional Council will recommend five Commissioners answerable to the Parliament. Suitable Commissioners will be selected and appointed by the President to the Office of Reparations.

Further the draft legislation states in order to ensure that the affected persons and their families are fittingly compensated, regional and mobile offices will be established as and when needed.

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