Hundreds of people disappearing at the same time and place with multiple eyewitnesses both inside and outside the country is the largest single group of enforced disappearance in Sri Lanka’s history - Yasmin Sooka, Executive Director, ITJP


In order to commemorate the 9th year for the lost lives of people at Mullivaikal there was a press conference organized by Anandhi Sasitharan who is a northern provincial council member in collaboration with International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP). In that press meet there were mothers and wives whose family members were disappeared have presented their story, Anandhi Sasitharan was one of the presenters.

Thereafter Yasmin Sooka the executive director of (ITJP) came on Skype and briefed about their publication of 280 names who have surrendered themselves on May 18th 2009. Among those 280 listed there were 29 children’s names on the list.

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