The people reclaim the Iranaitheevi Island


In completion of 359 days of protest the people of Iranaitheevu Island decided to reclaim their land on April 27, 2018. From Iranai Madha Nagar (the land where they resided temporarily) they got into their fishing boats and journeyed to their native soil after 26 years of waiting. Civil society activists and catholic priests too joined them in solidarity and traveled to the island—a 45 minutes sea travel.

The CHRD team also joined the people of Iranaitheevu and provided legal consultation as the families decided to remain in their own land which is now heavily occupied by the Navy. Shockingly, there was no resistance from the Navy when the people reclaimed their land.

The Iranaitheevu community has lived in the island for centuries from generation to generation. The island is rich with natural resources and a long historical background dating back to the 18th century, Dutch era. This is well evident through the 80 feet lighthouse located there, which is a historical monument

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