Three habeas corpus cases have been dismissed based on the Mullaitheevu Magistrate’s findings


When the three petitions of habeas corpus writ applications were taken up at the Vavuniya High Court on April 25, 2018 K.S. Ratnavale, Senior Counsel and Director of CHRD appearing on behalf of the petitioners stated that the Mullaithivu High Court has dismissed three petitions based on the finding of the Mullaitheevu Magistrate, as no concrete evidence was found to prove the surrender of the disappeared surrendees, who were handed over to the military by their families.

The Senior Counsel further stated that the Magistrate had informed that the petitions by families disclosed information that the military loaded the surrendered cadres into a bus. However, they have failed to mention facts such as bus number, color or the names of army officers they were handed over to. Therefore, the three of the 23 petitions filed at the Mullativu Magistrate Court weres dismissed.

K.S Ratnavale, stated that the Vavuniya High Court has given time for the petitioners and their counsel to make legal submissions after studying the findings of the Mullaitheevu Magistrate. The date for the submission is May 22, 2018 and thereafter, the fate of these applications will be decided.

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