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Working Towards Community Health Wellbeing in Batticaloa


CHRD held a series of TOT trainings on Community Health and Wellbeing Manohari in the Batticaloa District in 2023. A scenariobased community wellbeing interventions that addresses root causes of distress and conflict at community levels using 12 modules. The modules were developed by a multidisciplinary Resource Team of experienced MHPSS Mental health and psychosocial support professionals which have been designed based on scientific literature.Manohari training is to deliver the modules by nonmental health professionals to the public. The modules used were based on stories found in Panchatantra stories Jataka tales or similar scripts using animals as characters. The facilitators present the story to the participants and then gets the participants to act out the story. Then a discussion is facilitated to understand the emotions without discussing any technical or controversial issues.Manohari program was held in 02 stages This program is different from other trainings. Generally training programs try to give the participants new information. However Manohari tries to make use the knowledge the participants already have to relook reflect and share towards their own wellbeing.Initial program was conducted from February to September. A total of 21 participated in the meetings including 14 females. Indirect beneficiaries identified were more than 5000. The program was held at the Batticaloa Green Gardens Hotel. The Training program was carried out by Dr Mahesan Ganesan as a resource person and Mr. Ravindran Shanmugathasan as a facilitator. The TOT training program was conducted to the DS counsellor Women Development officer CBOs JMO teacher PHI Child probation officer principle Development officer District Psycho Social officer Family Health officer and WRDS.The Manohari program conducted on the topic of facilitation skills what are feelings Anger Jealousy Relationship between Behavior and emotions taking responsibility for our feelings and modifying behaviors happy child peer pressure fear communicating our needs Humility understanding relationships and understanding gratitude. Main expectation of this program is to improvement in the understanding and knowledge regarding emotions behavior and their relationship and make awareness about importance of life skills across all ages.

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