CHRD facilitates affected communities to receive personal documents in the Vaharai Division


In the year 2020 - 2021, legal clinics and field visits carried out resulted in providing personal documents such as marriage certificates and birth certificates etc. amounting over hundred (100) individuals from affected communities receiving the above documents in Koralaipattru North DS Division, Vaharai in the Batticaloa District. The individuals who benefitted this facility are victim communities who were affected by both the ethnic conflict and the tsunami and they live way below the poverty line. Obtaining such documents facilitate schooling for children, as well as relief assistance, compensation, livelihood assistance and other facilities from the government. Most of all it also gives an identity to an individual who was living in anonymity so far.

CHRD recorded certain amount of success through this mission and was approached by many divisional secretariats across North and East to obtain documents for affected communities in their villages.

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