CHRD hands over books to Kaddumurivu Government school


CHRD provides reading materials to the small library newly arranged in the government school in Kaddumurivu village in Vakarai DS division. The school provides education for primary to G.C.E. Ordinary Level students in the village. With depleted resources, dearth of teachers and poorly maintained the school is in need of assistance and support from the government as well as well wishers.

Some of the issues faced by the 188 families in the Vakarai village is directly interlinked to the lack of facilities an human resources in the school. Issues such as school-dropouts, illicit liquor trade, child labour and teenage pregnancies is on the rise. Due to unavailability of proper roadways and public transport as well as lack of other facilities and resources have created a situation where teachers show reluctance and lack of interest in teaching such areas.

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