Court acquits PTA detainee charged for regrouping the LTTE


Sriskantha Raja was released on 26.6.2019 from his case HCT/643/2015 taking place at the Trincomalee High Court. Senior Counsel Mr. KS Ratnavel is appearing on behalf of Sriskantharaja Raja. Its important to note that Sriskantharaja Raja was arrested on 3.12.2014 by the TID at his residence in Sambaltheevu Trincomalee on suspicion of revamping/ regrouping a banned organisation (LTTE). After being arrested he was detained under the PTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act) in the Trincomalee Prison for 2 days prior being transferred to the TID. He underwent tortured for almost 10 days. He was then transferred to Boosa detention center on 16.12.2014 and was detained there for 2 months. On 25.2.2015 he was taken to the TID once again for further investigation. At the 4th floor his confession was obtained under duress where the TID officer forced the victim to sign a confession in Sinhala which was not read nor translated. On 2015.3.4 he was detained at Magazine prison with a court order where he was languishing for over 4 years. On November that year he was released on bail and was later acquitted from all charges .

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