Falsely accused ex-carder released from the Vavunatheivu double murder case


On November 30, 2018 Mr.kadirgamathambi Rasakumar alias Ajanthan was arrested on suspicion for the murder of two police constables in vavunatheivu and was detained under the prevention of terrorism act. Rasakumar was an ex-carder and was released after rehabilitation.

Rasakumar from Vavunatheivu in the Batticaloa district is the father of 5 children and works for daily wages to make ends meet. Attorney at Law Mr. P.Mariya Sulojan was retained by the CHRD (Center for Human rights and development) legal team and acted based on the instructions of senior Counsel Mr. K.S.Ratnavale and Attorney at Law Ms. C.Ranitha Gnanarajah.

On December 01, 2018 Rasakumar was issued with a Detention Order (DO) by the President, Ministry of Defense and was detained by the Criminal Investigation department (CID) for inquiries. He was detained for almost six months.

Following the recent Easter bombings, the Sri Lankan police arrested many persons on suspicion and one such suspect was an alleged driver of a group linked to the recent attacked in the Eastern province. During inquiry, the driver has confessed to have been involved in many criminal activities along with the group and one such confession was that the group carried out the murder of the two policemen in Vavunatheevu on November 30,2018. The police recovered evidences in relation to the murder of the police officers.

On April 30, 2019 CID produced Rasakumar before the Magistrate of Batticaloa Magistrate Court and informed that they will release Rasakumar since the actual perpetrator was arrested and evidences have been discovered. But the judge affirmed that Rasakumar’s detention order was still existing and that it has to be revoked in order to release him from his charges.

Thereafter, CHRD lawyers, attorney-at-laws Mr. K.S. Ratnavale, and Ms. Ranitha Gnanarajah advocated the matter with Director of the Criminal Investigations Department and the Attorney General’s Department in order to expedite the release of Rasakumar. They communicated with relevant authorities regularly to revoke the detention order which took place after many negotiations.

Later on, May 11,2019 Rasakumar was produced by the CID officers in front of the Acting Magistrate Hon.Mr. Thiageshwaran and was fully released from his charges, Rasakumar was asked to be present in front of the permanent Magistrate of Batticaloa Magistrate Court on May 13, 2019 but as the permanent Magistrate was on leave Mr. Rasakumar was then asked to be in Court on May 14, 2019 where he was officially released from all the charges.

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