OMP interim report to focus on delivering justice to the families of the disappeared


The Office of the missing persons (OMP) has promised to release the interim report on August 30, 2018. This report will be handed over to the President and Prime minister on the International Day of the disappeared which is on the above-mentioned date.

OMP’s Chairman Saliya Pieris PC said that they had Compiled many reports from various institutions to find the number of the disappeared in the country. He further added that they have collected previous reports in which the ICRC reported that it is about 16,000 people who have disappeared, the Paranagama commission reported that it is about 21,000 who have gone missing while the Government reports that it is about 13,000 who have disappeared where the complaints were recieved via the Grama-Niladhari.

Mr. Saliya Pieris PC also included that people who have already reported about missing persons to the police or any trusted organization need not to re-report to the OMP. The interim report would focus on delivering truth and justice to the families of the disappeared said Mr. Pieris.

It is important to note that the OMP has organized a meeting at Colombo on August 30, 2018 to mark the international day of the disappeared, and the OMP expects the families of the disappeared to take part and express their thoughts.

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