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Incidents of ‘dwarf men’ engaged in violence in Jaffna


People of Araly, a village in Jaffna fear the unidentified persons who look like dwarfs having their faces painted black, wear high heel boots and possess an axe. The day to day activities of the Araly villagers have been affected despite the existence of Police and relevant groups.

Even though the Police receives numerous complaints from people, no action is taken by the Police to identify who these ‘Dwarfs’ are? This has made the villagers of Araly to raise doubts on the police to whether they have any connection with the ‘Dwarfs’.

Even during the war period, people of Northern province have caught many military officers disguised as ‘grease men’ and handed them over to the police whilst no action taken. An ideal example would be the Navanthurai incident.

In the recent past, in the Aiyyanar area of Araly; movement of the Dwarfs have been spotted. These dwarfs tend to leap from one tree to another, chase women and children assault them violently as well as throw rocks to houses and damaging them.

When the youngsters of Araly monitored the area and underwent protection activities to prevent the movement of these Dwarfs, the police intervened and hindered their activities.

Few days back when a fisherman was going to work 2 ‘Dwarfs’ stopped him and inquired him, the fisherman says that their Tamil wasn’t fluent. Another incident took place where the people of Araly chased a Dwarf who barged into a vehicle which took him into an army camp. Many suspect military involvements in such incidents.

It is important to note that people of Araly have been agitating for the removal of Aralythutrai military camp for some time now therefore activists feel these recent developments could be to distract such protest by the people of the area.

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