OMP visits mass grave in Mannar


Two members of the office of Missing persons (OMP) namely Mirak Rahim, Commissioner and Varuna Tisseram, Attorney for the OMP visited the two sites where the excavation processes are taking place in Mannar on June 4, 2018.

They visited the site as a result of a discussion organized by CHRD with a group of lawyers in Colombo on May 31, 2018, where it was decided to inform the OMP and the Human Rights Commission officially in writing about the ongoing excavation process.

Members of the OMP visited the mass grave sites as well as gathered information about the ongoing excavation process from CHRD attorneys at law V.S. Niranchan and Ranitha Gnanarajah.

Rev. Fr Gnanapragasam of Mannar Citizens’ Committee (MCC) was also present.

The excavation process is taking place under the purview of the Mannar Magistrate A.G. Alexraja and the excavation process on the said date started at 7.15 am. The excavation is continuing for the sixth day.

CHRD Lawyers currently present in Mannar collected more than 15 Affidavits from the families of the disappeared who suspect that their loved ones could be victims of this mass grave.

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