Civilians called for inquiries due to loss of limbs in the war


A disabled man from Kilinochchi has been called by the Terrorist Investigations Department (TID) for enquiry on May 28, 2018.

This said individual has lost his leg due to a land mine explosion while cleaning his land. During the final phase of war, he was put into detention and was released after rehabilitation.

The enquiry took place for more than 5 hours, the TID queried as to who were the people involved in organizing the 9th year Mullivaikal commemoration and the ones involved in reviving LTTE. The victim stated that he wasn’t aware of the persons who organized or led this commemoration but he was part of the commemoration in order to pay respects and grieve for innocent lives that were lost during the final war.

CHRD has observed in the last few months’ local activists, victims, rehabilitated carders, or released PTA detainees have been called by the TID for inquiry in Colombo and this has become a common trend in the recent months. Nearly 07 to 08 persons are called monthly for inquiries

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